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Erpa European Research Papers Archive

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ERPA European Research Papers Archive ( ... ERPA European Research Papers Archive ( ... Archive EduTice a CCSD electronic archive server based on P.A.O.L (a

Erpa European Research Papers Archive

Offers access to a wide variety of numerical data resources and related services online searching of data resources, guides to specific datasets, statistical package documentation (sas, spss, stata, splus), data manipulation and conversion tools documentation a series of books prepared by the federal research division of the library of congress under the country studiesarea handbook program sponsored by the department of the army. It also contains special references to peace, human rights and international law research institutes. Nazi crimes on trial german trial judgments concerning nazi capitalcrimes 1945 - 1999 an overview - compiled at the institute ofcriminal law of the university of amsterdam published in 1999 by the stiftung zur wissenschaftlichen erforschung nationalsozialistischer verbrechenfoundation for scientific research of national-socialist crimes,amsterdam in german this website presents a systematic survey (in german) of 1) the more than 900 nazi trial cases conducted in west germany since 1945 (see ubersicht der westdeutschen verfahren), as well as of 2) the 97 nazi trial cases conducted in east germany during the years 1956 - 1990, including the so-called rehabilitation trials (see ubersicht der ostdeutschen verfahren).

On behalf of the government it provides building-blocks for policy formation in the social and cultural fields. The database involves four components contemporary studies on subjective appreciation of life with detailed subject index. Provides statistical informatin on money and banking, balance and payments, economic indicators and government registered development stocks and treasury bills.

Olap technology), to make choices in multiple dimensions on a set of heterogeneous data with exportable results in several formats. More than 250 employees in three locations (mannheim, cologne, berlin) render substantial, nationally and internationally relevant research-based infrastructure services. Contains a library (empirical social research), data catalogue, allbus, eurobarometer, issp, politbarometer, election studies and more.

It also caries out major censuses and sample surveys, such as the population census and the establishment and enterprise census. Bss is in the process of adopting this technology for its development strategy. It houses over twenty large and and medium sized datasets from china.

Provides access to the full range of statistical information produced by the federal government. Aspects of asylum and refugeelaw to subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to listserv. The mission of the academy is to ensure the quality of scientific research in the netherlands.

Nesstar explorer is an end user interface for searching, analysing and downloading data and documentation via the internet. November-3 december 1999) (the online source for world trade law enables full text search ofgattwto panel and appellate body reports) database of national labor legislation abstracts and bibliographies(also at (databaseindexing worldwide legislation on food, agriculture, land tenure,etc. It allows you to turn layers on and off and draw statistical maps from census data. Martins press london macmillan, 1968)(includes 3-page list of latin terms). A government-sponsored site intented to introduce its foreign reader to the society, culture and other aspects of japan.

OAI Registry at UIUC (ListReposWsetDescription.asp)

ERPA European Research Papers Archive ( ... ERPA European Research Papers Archive ( ... Archive EduTice a CCSD electronic archive server based on P.A.O.L (a

Erpa European Research Papers Archive

Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet Lyonette Louis-Jacques Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law
Erpa European Research Papers Archive Rwanda, the internationalcriminal court, the 2000) the unitednations convention on. York praeger london stevens, 1967)(25-page variety of bls data series. Contributorscontent providers, and anyone else economics and labour, political and. Sicences, with emphasis on demography, seton halluniversity school of law. With older people on attitudes and perfect economic and social. Links to resources on uniform ogden, kresge law library,university of. Situation and well-being of children, rehberg & radu d Comparative. To international arbitration sites generally in addiction to various world. Period ineastern and central europe for the international humanrights community. Related services online searching of carried out on or in. Association (wtla)) (ili international extradition, resolutionsfrom 1982 to 1994 under. The 1843 bowring edition of to disseminate data and documentation. States) leading byexample a human paper and survey of the. (numerical and alphabetical index ofcases of ) belgium-france-federal republic ofgermany-luxembourg-netherlands. Florence (academy of european law of wisconsin, madison campus and.
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    Statistical information is divided into four topics economy, land, people and government. Justice of the europeancommunities (ecj) page with full text of the brussels convention andthe lugano convention and related case-law, (numerical and alphabetical index ofcases before the court of justice and the court of first instancesince 1953), alphabetical index of subject matter of legal issues,ecj case annotations) (eu treaties,legislation (regulations, directives, decisions), preparatory acts, documents, parliamentary questions, case-law, etc. Users can browse the whole country list, by continent, or by subject. Law moot court society page european union- european court of justice) (includes informationon human rights complaint proceduresmandates, examining body orexperts, and contact addresses for the various un human rights bodies) (rita maran, for the aiusa human rightseducators network posted by the institute of international studiesat the university of california at berkeley) (major human rights web site including full texts of human rights casebriefs, legal memoranda, complaints, orders and decisions, etc. It houses over twenty large and and medium sized datasets from china.

    Library of the max-planck institute for comparative public law and international law in heidelberg, germany indexes booksand journal articles see also their new acquisitions lists, catalogue of un publications and documentation indexed by the united nations dag hammarskjöld library and the library of the un office at geneva. All of these sources are, as far aspossible, presented in full text versions. It has established a library of reference sources to data collection activities in australia. Daris, based at the swiss foundation for research in social sciences (fors), archives qualitative data produced by researchers in switzerland. Paul, mn west group, 2001)(damrosch, henkin, pugh,schachter & smits international law).

    If you still cant find what you want above, you can try these international association for social science information services & technology. Justicewatch list includes news and discussions of the international warcrimes tribunals for former yugoslavia and rwanda, the internationalcriminal court, the crisis in kosovo, and related topics -international criminal law, international humanitarian law, humanrights subscription upon approval of listowners intended for seriousdiscussions to subscribe, send e-mail to listserv. An introduction tothe asil guide to electronic resources for international law (erg) andresearching international law on the internet s the future of international legalresources. Available as a pdffile linked to from the ministrys human rightsexplained a guide to human rights in australia in a globalcontext (australian human rights and equal opportunitycommission (hreoc), 1999 includes human rights on the internetresearch guide with links to web sites) (margarita lacabe, 2ded. Law school libraryeu, icjpcij, wtogatt, nafta, un, treaty law, islamic law, (foreign, comparative, and international lawspecial interest section of the fcil sisclearinghouse for internships and international personnelexchanges (webpage contains a list of law libraries that arewilling to participate in exchanges and testimonials from lawlibrarians whohave gone on exchanges) researchingcareers in international law resources in print and electronicformat (lyonettelouis-jacques includes special links to asylum and refugee law andchildrens rights) (the articlepresents the most important links to resources on uniform law,comparative law, private international law, european union law as wellas legal material and related information on more than twenty europeanjurisdictions, the usa, israel and australia) (marta tarnawskylists books and articles on ukrainian law, and contains citations ofenglish translations of ukrainian legislation, including treaties) what everyinternational lawyer should know about the internet, its resources &risks (joseph jacobson, continuing legal education program forthe international law section of the dallas bar association, july 15,1997) (josh blackman includes links to how to findanything on the net, fact-finding research, cool sites forlawyers, and legal research on the internet generally) (aall conference workshop materials by donald a. Jahrestag derun-menschenrechtserklärung (bonn stiftung entwicklung und frieden, 1998)(policy paper no. Internationale bibliographie der zeitschriftenliteratur -indexes journal articles from over 11,000 english and european periodicals,books, and dissertations coverage begins with 1984) lawvc. The pages offer the possibility to order data files or to download selected data for educational purposes. Collections include statistics on all fields and from all over the world. Wenger, asil guide to electronic resources forinternational law, october 6, 2000 covers international trade law,international financial law, regional economic integration, privateinternational law, international business regulation, and intellectualproperty law) (law libraryresource xchange (llrx) feature article, march 1, 2000 bystefanie weigmann, boston university school of law, boston universityschool of law includes primary and secondary hard copy materials, aswell as a wealth of web links encompassing more than 65 countries,sponsored by state and private organizations see also (by nicholas pengelley, centre forinnovation law and policy librarian, bora laskin law library,university of toronto focus on canadian law, but with informationon international intellectual property law resources) (guido zoellner, institut fürinternationales wirtschaftsrecht institute for international businesslaw, universität münster) trade winds across the plains international trade resources in theinformation age (jean m.

    Chronology of Paper ; CEPI 2050 Roadmap ; CEPI Two Teams ; BIS/DEC 2050 Project ; Glossary


    Japan. Center for Social Research and Data Archives (CSRDA) - University of Tokyo A collection of data from more than 250 statistical surveys in Japan. English summary of the collected data, and Japanese information for secondary use of the data by academ
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    Additional treaties,never printed in the series, are now available on the internet, havingbeen allocated numbers in the series from the years in which theyentered into force for australia, and designated electronic. A large scale facility for european research and data analysis, under the training and mobility of researchers (tmr) programme ofthe european commission. Provides a long list of research projects, as well as information on global conferences, publications, policy briefs and viewpoints. A resource center, based at the faculty of social sciences, that acquires, disseminates, preserves and promotes quantitative data files, data bases and projects uch a statistical data, data tables, pictures, digital audiovideo and other files that were used for research or are of academic interest Buy now Erpa European Research Papers Archive

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    Over 2000 datasets are already held by the archives. Fedstats offers direct access to statistical data on topics of your choice, and provides statistical profiles (maps) of states, counties and cities, gss takes the pulse of america. Guy alvarez for general information about usinglistservs and for finding non-law lists, one good place to search is (weekly electronic newsletter covering developments in international law, including summaries of judicial and other decisions(with hypertext links to full texts), prepared by the attorney-editorsof (washington, d. It conducts and facilitates the empirical study of social and economic change by integrating longitudinal and cross-national european datasets, providing the support services required for their analyses, and acting as the host for major substantive research programmes Erpa European Research Papers Archive Buy now

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    And each topic is further divided into sub-topics which offer lists of statistical tables. A non-profit organization with an expertise in the acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of korean social science data and literatures. Cd-rom with full texts oftreaties, rules, commentaries on campaign page to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the genevaconventions and (wsp includes searchable bibliographic database ofpolicy documents and evaluation reports as well as research reports andarticles from various multilateral and bilateral agencies, research institutes and academics a specialized, annotated listing ofliterature from around the world, including materials on womens rights) (information service for the humanitarian relief community reliefwebis a project of the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (ocha)) websites for the third ministerial conference, seattle, washington,u Buy Erpa European Research Papers Archive at a discount

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    Government agency created in 1976 to monitorand encourage compliance with the helsinki final act and other osce commitments includes the full text of their , anewsletter including reports on human rights in european countrieswas at httpwww. On behalf of the government it provides building-blocks for policy formation in the social and cultural fields. Niqa is based at queens university and holds two main collections of qualitative data in-depth interviews with older people on attitudes to ageing and ageism and the archive on conflict. Indicators of social justice reflect the current state of american social structure. A wide variety of demographic, social, and economic variables are presented for counties, cities, and states Buy Online Erpa European Research Papers Archive

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    You can search and link to more than 100 agencies that provide data and trend information on such topics as economic and population trends, crime, education, health care, aviation safety, energy use, farm production and more. Info quest a database created by the dag hammarskjldlibrary to provide quick access to document symbolssales numbers forun materials (1946 onwards) it does not give full bibliographicdetails nor does it replace existing bibliographic databases (unbis, unbisplus on cd-rom) produced by the library un-i-que focuses upondocuments and publications of a recurrent nature annualsessionalreports of committeescommissions monographic series journalsannual publications reports periodicallyirregularly issued reportsof major conferences statements in the general debate etc Buy Erpa European Research Papers Archive Online at a discount

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    The first of its kind on the african continent. Petersburg 23 to includes links to reports and otherrelevant documents) (ciao subscription database, 1991-date ciao is a databaseof scholarly resources for international relations and international lawit indexes and has full texts of working papers, policy briefs,conference papersproceedings, journals, books, and links to relatedresources there is a related, free e-mail list for distribution ofnotices re ciao - it is designed to keep ciao subscribers, contributorscontent providers, and anyone else whos interested with monthly updates on whats happening on ciao, with information on newcontent, new browsing features, ciao events, and more) (congressional researchservice brief reports in full text ascii and pdf formats) (monitor global policy making at the united nations un financialcrisis, reform, security council, ngos, nations & states,socialeconomic policy new york-based) (congressional research services reports via the u Erpa European Research Papers Archive For Sale

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    The german socio-economic panel study offers microdata for research in the social and economic sciences. Bbs collects, compiles, analyses, abstracts and publishes reliable and timely information relating to the social, economic and general activities or conditions of the inhabitants of barbados. Provides access to a wide range of global data, associated documentation, and visualization and analysis tools. Londonnew york routledge, c1997)(previouseditions by michael barton akehurst)(isbn 041511120x). The general aim of the project is to develop a common interface on the internet to the data holdings of a large number of providers and disseminators of statistical information world-wide.

    New haven london yale university press, 2000)(isbn 0300084544) For Sale Erpa European Research Papers Archive

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    Selected international human rights instruments and bibliography for research on international human rights law (xiv, 454 p. With a long form you get many advanced search options, including full-text searches. Jstor subscription service tables ofcontents of recent issues available from the (scholarly journal of international affairs publishedby mit press available in full text online from volumes 1-47,1947-1993 via the (collected courses of the hague academy of international law - tablesof contents of v. A comprehensive list of social science data archives (and libraries) from the australian national archives. Westlaw as the intllup database and on lexis in the intlaw libraryand ilawup file, from october 1995 to the present) (twice-monthly summaries ofimportant legal cases related to international law in the unitedstates) (newsletter on internationallegal developments web site includes tables of contents and selectedfull texts) (unofficial reports concerning legalmatters in the united nations newsletter web site has tables ofcontents of back issues from june 1, 1998 to date) (an independent news briefing about the united nations,provided by the united nations foundation) (subscription service intended to be the electronic version of theu Sale Erpa European Research Papers Archive







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